Welcome to Dutch Deco finish

An internationally orientated company which brings you the magic and gave you the WoW feeling. Just by handmade sculpting or printing in the best possible material we translate every special and unique dream of our clients into a real 3D object. 
From the beginning till the end of each and every project, you shall experience the skills of this smart, creative and very innovative team. From just a simple sketch on paper till a perfectly finished end result, completely 3D like all the way you want. We can turn and decorate almost every object into a new refreshing style or look. From a natural look of wood, or in a massive look of metal or stone, even the feeling of plastic or the look of fragile glass you shall be surprised of the possibilities and knowledge from DDF. Come over and see for yourself, like it’s all magic.
Whenever it has to be coated into a simple color or just for a touch of chrome, a special effect on an artwork or a complete attraction or ride for a themepark… we’ll make the impossible become possible. Please be welcome here at our website and don’t hesititate to contact us for admiring live our showroom and workshop in the south of The Netherlands.

 Coatings for any type of surface

In the beginning Dutch Deco Finish started as a specialist on coating techniques and effects. We worked with many different types of metal finishes so we were still able to put all your wishes and desires into practice.
We provide chrome, gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, steel, aluminium, blue steel, tin and many more type of metal coatings. Even cortensteel or if it looks like it has gone through a long period and become rusted steel.
So if you would have a unique and special wish on a different material, please don’t hestitate and contact us. We will just advise or even shown, any how…. Dutch Deco Finish is your answer on all your special and possibly difficult coating questions. Bring it on…

Why Dutch Deco Finish?

Dutch deco finish takes care of your project from start to finish. Let us know your idea and we will take care of the complete project.
If you only want your project with a special finish, then you are also at the right address. In our showroom we can show all our different finishes.


The total amount of possibility’s Dutch Deco Finish can provide are endles. We are treating every wish like a new challenge, no project is to difficult or to big. Many themeparks, artists, architects, design agencies, retailers and many other companies already found DDF. Discover our magicians yourself and contact us. We would like to enchant you as well!


In our portfolio we show some projects Dutch Deco Finish already realised. So take already a preview in the field of interior, exterior, art collaborations and unique spray effects


Would you like to receive more information or discuss a project with us? Please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to schedule an appointment in our showroom to discuss a possible collaboration.