Welcome to Dutch Deco finish

internationally sculpting magicians from 3D till metal coating and chrome spraying company specialized in providing an innovative, exclusive finish on any surface you want. Changing the look of for example wood, metal, plastic, stone or glass and providing these surfaces with a new and unique feel is what we do best. Whether it be chrome coating for a kitchen, an artwork or attractions in an amusement park, we can make the impossible become possible from our workshop in The Netherlands.

Metal coatings for any type of surface

At Dutch Deco Finish we work with many different types of metal and finishes, so that we can put all your wishes into practice. For example, we provide chrome, gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, steel, aluminium, blue steel, tin and almost any other type of metal coating. Have a different material in mind as a coating for your object? Let us know and we will try our very best to provide you with the coating of your preference.

Why Dutch Deco Finish?

At Dutch Deco Finish we not only work with a wide range of different coatings and materials, we also ensure that all our coatings retain a percentage of 95.5% metal. This means that when, for example, we coat an object made of plastic with steel, it remains magnetic. This also means that when we process an object with copper, this object will actually be green after five years due to the natural oxidation process that will take place.


The options for coatings that Dutch Deco Finish can provide for you are endless. We see every wish as a challenge, no project is too big. Many amusement parks, artists, architects, design agencies and other companies and individuals have already preceded you.


In our portfolioyou can see what projects Dutch Deco Finish has already been involved in in the field of interior, exterior, art collaborations and chromework.


Would you like to receive more information or discuss a project with us? Please feel free to contact us any time. We are happy to schedule an appointment in our showroom to discuss a possible collaboration.