3D sculpting

3D sculpting and printing
To create a complete magical and surprising experience Dutch Deco Finish is innovative and completely focust on 3D printing. The absolute future on sculpting and shaping. Besides that we’re also already experienced in shaping and sculpting 3D objects out of foam or EPS and finish it in a solid way.

It all started out of a special wish and then that the translation from sketch till artist impression or even a 3D design. We can arrange a handmade sculpting out of foam or EPS and coated it with a PU or glassfibre. Out of a 3D design we realize a model out of an mill or create it with the latest 3D printing techniques. From PLA till SLS, every technique is part of the DDF scope of work.

Our goal is to anticipate on all those special wishes from all of our clients. Every unique moment or effect and smile of our clients is our only fascination. Come, see and experience the modeling skills of Dutch Deco Finish!