Facing Gaia Daniel libeskind


DDF from Sint michielsgestel , The Netherlands, produces prestigious project in Venice

Sint michielsgestel , THE NETHERLANDS – During the Venice Architecture Biennale on past 25th of May, the new sculpture by world famous architect Daniel Liebeskind, known for the Freedom Tower in New York amongst others, was reveiled. Remon van Zoggel (34) and his company Dutch Deco Finish (DDF) are responsible for a key element of the sculpture. The artwork named ‘Facing Gaia’ has a striking reflective effect on the convex center of the finished metal construction. DDF from Schijndel is responsible for the surface treatment and reflective effect of this outstanding feature of the sculpture.

“The reflective element consists of eight separate parts which were printed by printcompany 10XL. We treated all parts in our workspace, applied a liquid metal coating and gave each surface a reflective finish. The parts were shipped to Venice and mounted in the artwork. We were also invited to the reveiling of the sculpture and were treated to a warm welcome.”